New Product Release: Phase One P3 Payload

Where Small Details Make a Big Difference

Introducing the new Phase One P3 Payload – a customizable solution for all of your most demanding inspection needs!

About this Payload
The P3 provides a high-quality, integrated imaging solution for inspection of critical assets where capturing the details is of paramount importance.

What Does it Include?
The versatile P3 Payload includes Phase One iXM 100MP or 50MP camera, one of our RSM lens options, and a new gimbal with an integrated laser range finder, for sharp and fast focusing on every shot.

Chose one of two available configurations designed to meet a wide range of requirements for your inspection missions.

P3 DJI – Ready for Flight
The P3 payload for the DJI M300 is a ready-for-flight, plug-and-play solution that gets you started from day one with the tools you already have and deliver higher value to your customers!

P3 DJI Provides:

  • Turnkey integration with the DJI Pilot App eliminating the need for retraining of your pilots
  • Increased productivity through an extended lens offering
  • Maximum utilization and uptime of your existing M300 fleet by enabling new applications

Productivity Delivered
The P3 Integrated Gimbal leverages on Phase One’s proven and trusted technology to deliver unmatched inspection productivity.

The P3 Offers:
1. Most Versatile Platform Support – Your Business, Your Decision
2. Best in class sensor performance – Making the most out of every flight
3. Largest image sensor – Capturing more in every shot
4. Widest range lenses – Getting the details from a distance
5. Smart Focusing – Making every shot

Read more about this payload here: P3 for DJIM300.

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