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GeoCue Group Announces TrueView Firmware v2.2.0-21 Release

April 18, 2024 · Firmware Update

The following information is part of the TrueView Firmware v2.2.0-21 Release from the GeoCue Group.

GeoCue Group has released the latest TrueView firmware update, v2.2.0-21 (ffb8a694), for the TrueView 435vB, TrueView 515vB, TrueView 535, TrueView 625, TrueView 655, TrueView 660, and TrueView 680 3DIS (imaging systems), plus the microdrones EasyOneUHREasyOneUHRLite, and EasyOneUHR+ is available for download from the support knowledge base. Please note the firmware is the same for these models. The firmware for the TrueView 540 and legacy, non-EasyOne, microdrones payloads are not the same. Please DO NOT attempt to install this update on those models.

Important Note: The version B and newer TrueView systems have no controller box and create a system.log. For legacy systems with a controller box and which create a Cycle.log, there is no update, please see the firmware update from June 2022 to ensure your legacy system is running the latest firmware.

Highlights of this firmware update:

  • Added support for mobile mapping.
  • Added pause button to Web UI.
  • Added Settings profile selection to Web UI.
  • Added Pilot Logbook for Web UI, which can later be reviewed in LP360.
  • Added heartbeat and recording indicator in Web UI.
  • Added Web UI watchdog in the client web browser.
  • Added progress bar for pre-flight data transfer.
  • Added all lever arms and mounting angles to Web UI settings.
  • Added export of existing APX settings to Web UI.
  • Added settings option to set camera picture interval.
  • Added storage progress bars for USB drives attached directly to LIDAR into Web UI.
  • Added LIDAR settings calculator with limits for all supported Riegl models.
  • If the USB drive gets full, the Cycle will continue recording to internal storage.
  • Increased the GNSS fix quality to improve home position.
  • Added direct access to internal memory.
    • This version adds an FTP server on the payload which allows users access to the internal memory of the payload through Windows File Explorer.
  • Several enhancements and bug fixes to improve system reliability.

Note: The TrueView firmware v2.x may produce Cycle data that requires LP360 v2023.1.32.0 or later to successfully process.

All users with an applicable TrueView 3DIS should upgrade to firmware version 2.2.0-21 at their earliest convenience to ensure optimal performance of their system. Step-by-step directions can be found attached or on our searchable support knowledge base. Updating firmware enhances the reliability and operation of the TrueView 3DIS. Refer to the latest hardware user guides for your respective system model for more detail.

Not sure which firmware your system is running? Check the system.log in the Cycle\System folder from the most recent flight and it will tell you the firmware version.

Have questions? Contact our Gresco UAS team at [email protected] or 478-315-0812.

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