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WingtraOne GEN II

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WingtraOne GEN II features the most advanced reliability in surveying drones. This is the key to maximizing drone uptime, boosting your productivity and ensuring you deliver consistently. WingtraOne GEN II intelligent algorithms continuously analyze all critical flight components before and during the flight. WingtraPilot can then notify you of any potential malfunction before it even occurs, so that you can always fly with the safest equipment. The payload range now includes an oblique camera for the most detailed 3D reconstruction and a built-in PPK GNSS receiver for each camera, allowing you to take on a wider array of missions with centimeter-level accuracy. To map 3D structures such as buildings, you need to capture enough detail on the vertical walls. The Oblique Sony a6100 with its wide angle field of view from the front to the sides presents the optimal configuration for this application. All cameras, including the multispectrals, now benefit from the built-in multi-frequency L1/L2 PPK GNSS receiver.

  • Fully autonomous
  • Pre-flight checklist
  • Real-time monitoring
  • Manual take-over with in-app controls
  • Corridor mapping
  • Camera swap
  • High-altitude propellers
  • Oblique camera
  • Advanced mission planning
  • Beyond visual line of sight
  • Multi-flight geotagging
  • payload protection
  • Adaptive geofence
  • 10 km telemetry range
  • Up to 59 min flight time

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