Part 107 Training

Gresco is proud to be partnering with Pilot Institute to bring you a commercial drone course. This course will help you pass the FAA Part 107 drone license test – so you can fly your drone commercially in the United States.

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Ace the exam and quickly become an FAA certified commercial drone pilot
You're guaranteed to pass the test or you'll get $175 plus a full refund. 99.8% of our students pass
45,238+ students have signed up for this course to pass the test
15 hours of instruction in short, easy to watch videos
Unlimited practice exams and 20 quizzes (more than 300 questions)
America's #1 Drone School - FAA TRUST (12/2021)
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What Others Are Saying

All the basic concepts, Gresco covers in depth and all the knowledge areas, they cover in detail. I would recommend the course to anyone desiring to take the test.

Mike Shelley, Georgia Transmission

The Ground school was a great introduction to UAS training and helped me and my colleagues get our feet wet in studying to pass the exam. It was a fast-paced class that was chock full of information and was very helpful.

Josh Scoville, Tri-County EMC

Gresco is like part of the family. Mike, Jamie and Rusty took the time to walk the PRECO team through the entire process on how to get a Licensed UAS team up and running. Cost is always a factor in considering whether or not to move forward. The equipment and proper training from Gresco paid for itself with two finds with the IR camera on a UAS platform in two substations almost immediately. The Gresco UAS team walked us through how to create policies and procedures for success.Once the purchases were made, the Gresco UAS team provided our team with as much time as we needed on site to ensure we understood the aircraft we purchased and assisted us with actual flights for a smooth transition. From preparing our team for the Part 107 exam, providing the proper equipment, writing policies and procedures, explaining the technology, to sending us off into the wild blue, the Gresco UAS team has ensured a positive outcome. I have sent 8 people through the school and we currently have a 100% success rate with the FAA Part 107 Exam!

Walt Napier, Peace River Electric Co-Op

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