Construction projects tend to exceed budgets and run well past deadlines, so it is no wonder that drone technology has already made a big impact in the construction industry. Today, drone surveillance and mapping give project managers, superintendents, and stakeholders an unprecedented view into the progress of a construction project and the added ability to course-correct before larger problems arise.

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Project Management

Keep your projects on time and on budget. Survey the worksite and get instant insight into project development, progress, and raw material supply, all without pausing work. Drones can fly around tight spaces, rough terrain, and other obstacles to give you a comprehensive view of the construction site, one that cannot be achieved with helicopter and ground crews.

Site Mapping/Modeling

Planning, modeling and evaluating a construction site is easier and more affordable than ever. Drone technology enables construction companies to map construction sites and record progress quickly and efficiently. Aerial images obtained with camera-equipped drones are stitched together to create 3D models that show topography and other identifying features of a work site.

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