Part 5: Comparing & Selecting Drones

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This video is to help you select which drone is right for your application:

There are two basic types of camera set-ups on drones: Integrated and Interchangeable. Integrated cameras are simple and usually less expensive, but the drawback is that you can never change that camera. Interchangeable camera drones are often a little more expensive, but allow added flexibility for changing cameras based on the application. This can include the capability for thermal or zoom cameras. See our camerasĀ here

Drones you see in this video:

Mavic Pro: Quick and portable, front-facing obstacle avoidance, perfect for a quick aerial view.

Phantom 4 Pro: Very impressive integrated camera, impressive flight features including 5 direction obstacle avoidance

Inspire 1: Interchangeable camera with zoom and thermal options, the first step into the industrial side.

Matrice 200 Series: True industrial drone with IP43 rating, dual gimbals, and RTK available.

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