M300 RTK Remote ID Compliance Guide

Struggling to register with the FAA that your M300 is Remote ID Compliant? Follow these steps and you will be good to go!


1.) Power on your M300 and Smart Controller Enterprise/RC Plus

2.) Open your Pilot 2 App and ensure that both your aircraft and controller are fully up to date.

3.) Tap on the box in the upper left corner that lists your maximum altitude and (RID).

5.) Tap on the box that says (RID) in the lower left corner. Here you will find your Remote ID Serial Number.

6.) Log in to your FAA DroneZone account and select “Launch Drone Owners and Pilots Dashboard”.

7.) Select “Manage Device Inventory”.

8.) Select “Add Device”.

9.) Select “Yes” for “Does your drone broadcast FAA Remote ID information?” and fill out the remaining fields according to your device inputing the Remote ID SN found during step 5.

10.) Select “Add Device” and complete required payment. Your drone is now Remote ID compliant!


You will receive a registration card upon completion. It is best practice to print this card and keep with the aircraft at all times. Your registration number will need to be visible on your aircraft at all times.


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