Firmware Updates for Your RC Plus and M300

Having trouble with your RC Plus and M300? DJI has released an update for full functionality and dual pilot capability.  Follow this step-by-step guide to update your aircraft and pair it with the new RC Plus Controllers.

How to Update Your Aircraft

1) Visit https://enterprise.dji.com/matrice-300/download

2) Download the latest Assistant 2 for Enterprise

3) Download: Matrice 300 RTK UAV Offline Firmware Update (Support RC PLUS) v57.00.01.00 (Do not unzip)

4) Open Assistant 2, power on your aircraft and plug in to your computer. On the left hand side, select “Offline Upgrade” and select “Click here to select firmware zip folder”. Upload “Matrice_M300RTK_UAV_57 (Do not unzip).

5) Ensure your batteries are up to date and are above 50% charge.

6) Select “Start Upgrade” (battery above 50% charge required).

7) Once the upgrade is complete, the M300 and RC Plus are now compatible and dual pilot functionality is available.

How to Link Your Controller to Your Aircraft

1) Enter the Pilot 2 App on your controller.

2) Select the “Switch” icon and select the M300 RTK in the drop down menu.

3) This will automatically place the device in pairing mode. On your aircraft, press and hold the power button to enter pairing mode.

4) Your aircraft and controller will automatically link. For dual pilot capability, repeat steps 1-3 with second controller.