We understand that you need more than just the right equipment to successfully and safely deploy drones in the field. That’s why we are committed to providing comprehensive and effective training to help you utilize UAS technology to its fullest capabilities.

  • Expert Flight Instruction

    From former law enforcement officers to aviators and commercial photographers, GTS is made up of well-rounded UAS experts versed in the nuances of each industry that we serve today. Every team member of our staff holds a Remote Pilot Certification and actively stays current on the FAA rules and regulations that affect commercial drone operations.

  • Operational Flight Training

    We offer hands-on flight training to help your team become expert drone operators and learn the skills necessary to effectively use UAS technology to accomplish your objectives in the field. This all-day course covers flight controls, best practices, equipment operation, and more. We also offer on-site demos of your purchased drone equipment. These demos are held at your facility and can accommodate a group of any size.

  • 5-Day Course for Public Safety Professionals

    This bundled, in-depth course includes both the UAS Ground School and Flight Training curriculum and was created exclusively for police officers and other law enforcement professionals. Our UAS Ground School provides you with a deep understanding of airspace safety and helps you prepare for the FAA Remote Pilot Knowledge Test. The flight training portion of the course gives you the hands-on experience necessary to become a professional drone operator. The class covers the applications and use cases of drone technology in the public safety sector.
    If you don’t see -- or know -- the training that’s necessary to get your drone operation off the ground, please reach out to our team using the form below.

  • Utility UAS Working Group

    This working group meeting, designed specifically for utilities, is an informative discussion of drone technology and how it is being used in electric utility operations. Discuss the new regulatory environment and how to take the next steps towards gaining value from this revolutionary technology.

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