Utility Pole Inspection

Unleash the power of precision with the DJI Matrice 350 revolutionizing utility pole inspection! Effortlessly navigate challenging environments, and capture detailed imagery and data for comprehensive inspections with the Zenmuse H20T camera’s impressive features.

Powerful 23x Hybrid Optical Zoom:

The H20T camera allows inspectors to get up close and personal with utility poles without compromising image quality.

Thermal Imaging:

An integrated 640x512px thermal camera enables inspectors to detect anomalies not visible to the naked eye. This is especially crucial for identifying hotspots, potential electrical issues, or insulation problems that may pose a risk to the utility infrastructure.

High-Resolution Visual Camera:

Capture crystal-clear images for a comprehensive view of each utility pole’s condition. Precision and clarity are at your fingertips.

GPS Timestamping:

The H20T camera integrates GPS timestamping, allowing inspectors to geotag images and data. This feature streamlines the documentation process, making it easier to track inspection locations and compare data over time for effective maintenance planning.

Real-time Monitoring:

With real-time streaming capabilities, inspectors can view live footage from the H20T camera during the inspection. This feature allows for on-the-fly decision-making, ensuring that inspectors can respond promptly to any issues discovered during the inspection.
The H20T is more than a camera; it’s a solution that empowers inspectors to navigate challenging environments, capture critical data, and ensure the integrity of our utility infrastructure.
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