Software Update for the Elios 3

Information provided by Flyability

Flyability is excited to announce the release of a new Cockpit version. This article will explain the latest updates and provide some context regarding the regulatory changes.

Flyability strongly recommends that all Elios 3 owners ensure their software is up-to-date to access these new features and streamline flight processes.

New battery health warning in Cockpit

To prevent SOC drops during flight, a new red warning message has been added to Cockpit. This warning will alert the user if the battery is behaving abnormally and poses a risk of a drop in state of charge during flight.

If you encounter this warning, please refrain from using the battery and contact customer support immediately. Flyability will analyze your battery and, if necessary, arrange for a replacement.

Quick Link

Find detailed information about this software release as well as a step by step process for Elios 3 System updates in Flyability’s knowledge base. View Elios 3 system updates HERE.

EU Outdoor Compliance

The European Outdoor regulation is now in effect. Outdoor operations with the Elios 3 drone can be done in the A3 subcategory (Open Category) as it was placed on the market before December 31, 2023. The Elios 3 is now equipped with an embedded Remote ID as it is required for any operation conducted in the Specific Category.

When flying an Elios 3 within the European airspace with the embedded Remote ID, a regulation tab will appear.

The pilot will be requested to input the following:

01: The UAS Operator ID (or Pilot ID)

The validity of the Pilot ID is verified by Cockpit and can be changed every time a new pilot is using the drone.

UAS operator number format: NNNxxxxxxxxxxxxx-xyz
For example: FIN87astrdge12k8-xyz

02: The altitude fence (or altitude limitation)

When flying a drone outdoors in Europe, including Switzerland, Norway, Liechtenstein, and Iceland, altitude limitations restrict flights to a maximum of 120 meters in Open Category. The default altitude is preset at 120m during take-off and is continuously monitored up to this limit using the barometric sensor. Once the maximum altitude is reached, the drone automatically restricts further ascent. While it’s possible to set alternative altitudes, adjustments cannot be made while the Elios 3 is in flight.

For operations in the Specific Category, where higher altitudes may be authorized, approval from National Aviation Authorities is required. Please consult national authorities for more detailed information.

Indoors, where European regulations do not apply, the pilot can set the altitude to higher values.

To understand which European countries fall under the EU Drone Regulation and to learn more about the categories in which the Elios 3 can operate, please refer to this article.

Please reach out to us at [email protected] or 478-315-0812 for questions.