Introducing Wingtra’s Powerline Detection with Sony RX1 Sensor

How to map powerlines faster and easier with the RX1 sensor.

Project Details

  • Length – 3.01 mi, captured in 1 flight

Project Parameters

  • Flight altitude: 131 ft above the powerlines, GSD – 0.72 in/px
  • Flight settings: Corridor Mapping with 85%/ 75% overlaps

Software and data processing

Agisoft Metashape

  • Standard photogrammetry workflow for orthomosaic and Digital Elevation Model (DEM)
  • Automatic extraction of power lines from images within Agisoft


General Right of Way inspection

  • Data Used
    • Orthomosaic
    • Digital Elevation Model

Quality Control

Trimming work validation

  • Data Used
    • Geotagged images
    • Point Clouds


Contractor Job monitoring

  • Data Used
    • Orthomosaic


Clearance/growth documentation

  • Data Used
    • Orthomosaic
    • Digital Elevation Model


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