Gresco Technology Solutions Provides Stork Drop-System at Texas Motor Speedway

This year at the Texas Motor Speedway, the green flag was presented via a DJI Inspire 2 drone. However, the Inspire 2 required a carrying device that could assist in efficiently and safely delivering the flag. Sparky Sorensen, owner of Sparky’s Video Productions and the only authorized UAS pilot for Texas Motor Speedway, searched for drone-dropping systems and discovered the simplicity and reliability of the Stork Inspire 2 Payload Drop System. After attempting to order the Stork system from several suppliers around the world, Sorensen found Gresco Technology Solutions – one of few suppliers that both stocked the Stork and was ready to ship immediately.

The Stork 2 is designed to help your aircraft deliver a package as heavy as your Inspire 2 can carry. Its resilient, secure, and lightweight design allows for efficient and secure drop-off and pick-up. To carry-out this operation, Sorensen attached a chain to the Stork system and when he was in position to drop the flag, he raised the landing gear.

“Easy and worry free without having to rely on any other remote triggers or chance of technical difficulties. We had one shot in front of 50,000 people and Live T.V.,” he said.

Sorensen was able to work with the Texas Motor Speedway and the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) to demonstrate that the UAS operations could be conducted safely in and around the speedway. The FAA then granted Sorensen a Texas Motor Speedway-specific authorization. To view the green flag delivery video, click HERE.

In addition to other large events at Texas Motor Speedway, Sorensen has also been fortunate enough to live-stream for CBS, NBCSC, as well as shooting footage for Netflix.

For more information on the Stork 2 Payload Drop System, or other drones and accessories, contact us at [email protected] or 478-315-0812.