Gresco Technology Solutions Introduces New Partner, Linebird

[Forsyth, Georgia] On April 26, 2022, Gresco Technology Solutions officially partnered with Linebird, a company bringing the unmanned systems revolution to live line utility work. Linebird’s technology represents a reframing of the way live power lines are accessed for all types of utility work. Their Osprey NPS (Nonconductive Payload System) allows you to take your hotstick tools to the air without boots ever leaving the ground. The Osprey NPS is compatible with an ever-expanding range of hotstick-mounted tools, sensors, and installers, including micro-ohmmeters for connector inspections and installers for live smart grid sensors. Several models of UAS are proven and compatible with Linebird’s products, including Inspired Flight’s IF1200 and IF1200A, also available from Gresco. Linebird is a great addition to the tools and solutions Gresco aims to provide to its customers. We at Gresco are looking forward to the opportunities our partnership with Linebird will bring. Watch the video of one of our Gresco team members using Linebird’s technology HERE!

About Linebird
Welcome to line access reimagined. Linebird was founded in 2018 in Richmond, Virginia, to answer a simple question from their local power company: “How can line crews use their tools from drones instead of climbing into heavy equipment and risking their necks?” After over three years of innovation, development and testing with industry partners, we had the answer: By linking the drones and line tools used today with patented payload technology. That technology was launched as a suite of products in late 2021 and is being adopted and evaluated by companies around the world.

About Gresco Technology Solutions
Gresco Technology Solutions (GTS) was created in 2013 as a technology-focused brand of Gresco Utility Supply, Inc. Serving the Southeast since 1960, Gresco has developed expertise in products and services for a diverse portfolio of markets, including lighting, tool and safety, solar, EV chargers, and more. From the diversity and growth that the company had witnessed over the years, came the need for a technology-based group that is focused on UAS services and equipment. Since inception, GTS has developed a full-scale Unmanned Aircraft System (UAS) business structure to provide equipment and full inspection solutions to our customers. Our mission is to focus every action we take toward helping Gresco reach its vision, by ‘putting drone-related technology to work,’ supplying products, knowledge, and services in a way that streamlines the adoption process for industry.