Gresco Announces Business Expansion

A message from Gresco

In keeping with our promise to provide you with the most advanced UAS programs available in support of your life-saving MISSION’s and vital INSPECTION needs, we’re pleased to announce that Innovative UAS & DJI Arizona Co-founders, Ali Ahmed & Micah Slezak, have decided to join the leadership ranks at Gresco Technology Solutions, a Gresco Brand.

As the Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) industry continues to grow, shift, and meet the demands of our customers, Gresco Utility Supply, Inc. has expanded our product offerings, services, and trainings by extending our reach to additional business opportunities. This business expansion will be beneficial to our customers, employees, and our growing company footprint.

As of April 1, 2022, Gresco obtained a location in the west, centered around technology and strategic business solutions. Looking to the future, we are eager to see what this opportunity will bring to Gresco and its’ business partners. Our new Arizona location will serve the west and house UAS products, experts, and solution offerings.

We at Gresco look forward to continuing to adapt and grow to meet the demands of the utility market space. Read official announcement here: Gresco Expansion_GTS Announcement.


A message from Innovative UAS and DJI Arizona Co-Founders, Ali Ahmed & Micah Slezak

Since 2014, our small start-up tech business has experienced significant growth and development while serving as your chosen UAS Consumer and Enterprise “Value Added Reseller” (VAR). The success achieved is directly attributable to a forward leaning vision into emerging technologies, strategic investments, acquired industry knowledge, tenacious business opportunities, and most importantly, its meaningful relationships with hobbyists and professionals like you!

As we look to the future and consider how to provide effective long-term solutions, we recognize it will involve enhancing our industry partnerships and further diversification of manufacturer adoptions.

To that end, our tenure of recognized success serving each of you, has resulted in a distinct opportunity to join Gresco Technology Solutions, a Gresco Utility Supply, Inc. brand. We are humbled and excited to embark on this new journey!

Read official press release here: Innovative UAS _ DJI Arizona Announcement.