Power Distribution

Working on generation, transmission and distribution systems is cost-intensive, difficult, and highly dangerous. Gresco's UAS solutions enable you to carry out cost-effective and efficient inspections and evaluations while minimizing the health and safety risks to your personnel. Leverage thermal imaging, drone mapping and geospatial technologies to complete tasks efficiently and at a fraction of the cost of traditional methods.

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Substation Inspection

Perform multi-point inspections to identify hot spots, corrosion and other defects. Use aerial zoom cameras to close in on intricate parts and identify recalled or malfunctioning components.

Tower/Line Inspection

Protect against unexpected power outages and system breakdowns by using thermal-camera equipped drones to inspect and maintain power lines. Find and troubleshoot problem areas faster without disrupting service.

Right-of-Way Maintenance

Utilize multi-spectral imaging and drone mapping technologies to proactively monitor utility right-of-ways for vegetation encroachment and other hazards.

Solar Panel Inspections

Ground-based solar farm inspections can be time sensitive. Drones equipped with thermal cameras are able to quickly and precisely identify defects-- or “hot spots”--on solar panels, regardless of the size of the solar farm.

Storm Evaluation

Drone technology has proven itself to be invaluable in the effort to restore services after a natural disaster or a severe weather event. Access the location and assess the damage to procure the right materials and expedite emergency response.

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