Empower the future workforce with a curriculum focused on UAS technology and its applications in the real world. As the benefits of using drone technology to tackle some of the most challenging problems become more apparent, so has the need to advance knowledge and skills in the area of Unmanned Aerial Systems and remote aviation. Across the U.S., hundreds of institutions are creating UAS-centered programs that blend in-classroom curriculum and hands-on flight training to prepare students for how to leverage drone technology in a variety of professional fields. Even with its range of applications today, we’ve only begun to scratch the surface of the possibilities that UAS technology presents in the field.

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We work with the stakeholders at universities and colleges to understand the goals and needs of the UAS program and offer guidance for selecting the most appropriate solutions and equipment.


Gresco Technology Solutions will procure all the necessary equipment and UAS components for the staff and students. We interface with the manufacturers to ensure we are providing the most cutting-edge technology at competitive prices.


We understand that you need more than just the right equipment to successfully and safely use drones in the field. That’s why we are committed to providing comprehensive and effective training to help you utilize UAS technology to its fullest capabilities. Please take a look at our Training Page to learn more.

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