Part 6: Field Accessories

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Field accessories are often the forgotten, but crucial part of your drone operations. This video will provide insight into some of the most important items for your operation:

Buying a drone is a great first step, but to get the full value there a number of items that you should consider adding to your tool-kit. We have outlined some of these items to make it as easy as possible while selecting your gear.

Important Drone Extras

Batteries – Enough for a minimum of four flights

Propellers – Whether they break or simply need maintenance, propellers are the most commonly replaced part of any drone. Carry extras to ensure that you can keep your drone safely in the air.

Rugged field case – This is important for keeping your drone safe during transit out into the field. These also provide a great way to store many of your drone parts and pieces.

Tablet – A dedicated tablet will allow your crew to see everything the drone sees without being bogged down by unnecessary apps.

Launch Pad – A launch pad is great for protecting your aircraft during take-off and landing, and also serves as a marker and signal for your operations.

Important Safety Equipment

Aviation Radio – This is important for monitoring air traffic, particularly in the vicinity of an airport.

PPE – safety glasses, hard-hat, safety vest, etc.

Signage and Warning Tape can also be critical to mark off areas in which you will be working and can warn bystanders that your crew will be flying in the area.

Check out our Field Operations Accessories where you will find everything you need to be successful in the field.

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