Inspections & Audits

Perform faster, safer and more accurate inspections and audits while minimizing safety risks and streamlining data collection.

When done using traditional methods, inspections and audits can be long, labor-intensive and dangerous. Using UAS technology to assess structural integrity expedites the process without putting workers’ lives at risk or pausing ongoing work. Aerial inspections produce higher-resolution, precise imagery than that attained with ground inspections, greatly improving data accuracy and quality assurance. Collect incredibly detailed data--down to a part number of a transformer or a pole—that can then be digitally stored and shared.

Benefits of Inspections & Audits

  • Cost-Effective Surveys

    Aerial inspections and audits require less manpower, time and equipment and have been proven to drastically cut project costs without cutting corners.

  • Efficient Operations

    Conduct an inspection in minutes instead of hours while automating data analysis and transmission. Detect, assess and repair problem areas faster than ever before.

  • Improved Safety

    Keep your personnel on the ground. Today’s UAVs are small, agile and can be easily manipulated to access the most dangerous, hard-to-reach terrain or sites.

Industries That Use Inspections & Audits

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