Airspace Security (Comprehensive Drone Detection)

Detect, identify, track, and locate DJI aircraft and controllers operating within the RF coverage area.

Drones continue to grow in popularity, posing potential safety and security challenges for flight sensitive environments and secure locations such as airports, government sites, prisons, nuclear power plants, public events, and more.

Traditional security and situational awareness systems may not adequately detect and monitor UAS activities to prevent threatening or dangerous incidents. Aeroscope is an innovative safety and security system that detects, identifies, tracks, and locates over 80% of the drones operated in the United States.

Aeroscope is a passive system that provides the operator with the precise location of the drone and home position. This information provides operators with advanced warning, empowering personnel to mitigate the threat by responding to the precise location of the pilot rather than considering other technical actions directed at the drone.

Gresco Technology Solutions is a certified sales, installation, support and training provider for the Aeroscope series.

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Benefits of Airspace Security

  • Customized Setup

    The passive drone detection system can meet the needs of large-scale events and spaces as well as smaller spaces and mobile deployments.

  • Detailed Telemetry

    Learn the drone’s location, altitude, speed, path, and other data as well as identifying information about its operator.

  • Real-Time Intelligence

    Aeroscope reports drone detection data in real time, enabling a faster response to potential security breaches.

Industries That Use Airspace Security

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