Aerial Security (Counter UAS)

Detect, locate, identify and track Unmanned Aerial Vehicles with the DJI Aeroscope drone detection platform.

As consumer and commercial drone use becomes more widespread, ensuring the safety of the public as well as securing public and private infrastructure becomes more critical. Traditional methods of securing the airspace and ground facilities are no longer sophisticated enough to prevent security incidents that result from the unauthorized use of unmanned aircraft vehicles. Released in 2017, DJI’s anti-drone system Aeroscope is able to intercept and analyze electrical signals between a drone and its remote controller to track it in specified airspace.

Gresco Technology Solutions is a certified sales, installation, support and training provider for the DJI Aeroscope series.

Benefits of Aerial Security

  • Customized Setup

    DJI’s Counter UAS system can meet the needs of large-scale events and spaces as well as smaller spaces and mobile deployments.

  • Detailed Telemetry

    Learn the drone’s location, altitude, speed, path, and other data as well as identifying information about its operator.

  • Real-Time Intelligence

    Aeroscope reports drone detection data in real time, enabling a faster response to potential security breaches.

Industries That Use Aerial Security

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