Aeroscope is an innovative safety and security system that detects, identifies, tracks, and locates over 80% of the drones operated in the U.S. Equally important, it identifies the drone's “Home” location, and that of the pilot. Use Aeroscope to gain airspace situational awareness for disaster response and recovery operations, TFR enforcement, stadiums, arenas, large outdoor venues, and high-security events.

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Detailed Telemetry Data

Learn the drone’s location, altitude, speed, path, model and unique ID, as well as the pilot’s position.

Real-Time Intelligence

Aeroscope reports drone, flight, and pilot controller data in real time, enabling a faster response to potential safety or security breaches.

Customized Setup

The system is available in three models: a mobile unit, the G-8 system that can be used for temporary & fixed installations, and the G-16, the largest and most capable system for permanent installations.

Flexible Server Configuration

Server configuration options include LAN, private network and Gresco U.S. AWS. Enable multiple users to view and manage Aeroscopes from disparate locations, as well as aggregate data.

Up to 30-Mile Range

Gain unprecedented airspace situational awareness, and obtain actionable intelligence to protect and secure sensitive areas in mere seconds.

FAA/FCC Compliance

As a passive system, Aeroscope does not transmit or, in any way, interfere with the flight of the aircraft. Instead, Aeroscope provides the operator with the precise “Home” and pilot’s location, allowing law enforcement or security personnel to respond to the location of the pilot to mitigate the flight.

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Comprehensive Drone Detection

Traditional security and situational awareness systems may not adequately detect and monitor UAS activities to prevent threatening or dangerous incidents. Aeroscope is a passive system that provides its operator with the precise location of the drone and home position of the pilot, empowering the security personnel to mitigate the threat when necessary.

Gresco Technology Solutions is a certified sales, installation, support and training provider for the Aeroscope system.

How It Works

Aeroscope is a multi-modal receiver system that detects, decodes, and processes the telemetry data of a drone. It’s able to present the operator with unique and critical information including:

  • Unique ID with Make & Model
  • Precise Aircraft Location (GPS & Altitude)
  • Aircraft Speed, Direction & Orientation
  • Home Position
  • Pilot Position

For investigation and enforcement, the unique ID data can be used to subpoena registered owner information. Aeroscope generates a detailed log of every flight detected by the system, which can be exported and saved to be part of the investigative file and report.

GTS Aeroscope Team

Gresco Technology Solutions (GTS) is a division of Gresco, a US owned and operated distributor providing product solutions since 1960. Leveraging Gresco’s operational success and logistical reach, we are able to bring to market innovative UAS technologies such as Aeroscope. Our team is dedicated to the sales, technical support, server installation, training, and operational support of the Aeroscope. GTS has amassed more experience installing, deploying, and operating the Aeroscope system than anyone else in North America.

  • Law enforcement & emergency management expertise
  • Strategic & tactical military operations expertise
  • Experience with FAA regulations & airborne operations
  • Licensed pilots and Part 107 pilots

Data & Operational Security

Our IT staff understands sensitivity and security concerns. As such, we have architected and offer several US-based network configurations to meet our clients’ server, storage, and security requirements:

  • AWS/EC2 servers in the US and under the client’s control
  • Local area network (LAN) server on the client’s premises or data center
  • GTS’s AWS/EC2 server in the Ohio Instance with redundant backup on the East Coast of US

Continuity of Service

We understand that Aeroscope is a mission-critical component of our client’s safety and security infrastructure. Having a unit down for service or maintenance for any extended period leaves an unwanted void in coverage and situational awareness. We offer:

  • Extended service plan with replacement hardware
  • Varying levels of service agreements

Application Examples

Nuclear Power Plants



Public Events

Secure Areas

Military Zones

Aeroscope Models

The Aeroscope system is currently offered in three models and can be used as a permanent installation or as a mobile unit. If you need assistance in choosing the best model for your application or would like to see a demo, please reach out to us using the contact information listed below.

Select A Model

Portable Model

The portable unit is ideal for short-term, temporary deployment. The easy-to-deploy system is self-contained in an IP-54 rated hard case, operating Android OS on a CrystalSky controller. The portable unit operates on either 110-240VAC, or intelligent, hot-swappable batteries. External antennas can be optionally deployed. The portability and convenience of the mobile unit makes it ideal for tactical situations where stationary units are unavailable.

Offline Use
3 MI Range

G-8 Model

The G-8 system offers the widest variety of deployment options. The G-8 incorporates a four-panel array of high gain directional antennas to increase the effective range of the system for greater detection capability. The system includes a weather resistant radio system that can endure harsh conditions. The system is equally applicable for both permanent installations and temporary ones. It can be installed on buildings, towers, or mounted on mobile command posts.

Offline Use
15 MI Max Range
Easy Install

G-16 Model

The G-16 system offers the most expansive coverage thanks to its large antenna array and multiple radio units. The G-16 incorporates separate 2.4 and 5.8 GHz antenna elements aiming to provide nearly 16 dBi of gain. For 360-degree coverage, the G-16 includes a 32 element antenna array and four radio units. The G-16 is suited to be installed on a building or tower for long-term use. This system is ideal for permanent installations for clients seeking extended coverage areas and early warning, including airports, sea ports, military and nuclear facilities, prisons, and stadiums.

Offline Use
30 MI Max Range
Most Expansive
Fixed Use

To schedule a demonstration of the state-of-the-art Aeroscope system or receive a quote, please fill out the form below or call us at 478-315-0812.